These are some of my Archived Training Videos and Presentations

Even though we are no longer with Legalshield,  This is one of the first trainings I attended in 1998.  I archived this because Dan Stammen who I worked with was a really good trainer and discusses, prospecting.  Watch this video and see learn the skills of a master prospector.  Once you can master the ability to talk to someone and identify what their needs and wants are you can at least qualify if they’re open to business.  If they’re open for business ideas they may possibly join your business.
If you’re considering joining a network marketing company, we do NOT recommend Legalshield anymore.  Contact us if you would like to know the specifics, after building that model for 14 years of my life. I have posted this video here to show our training and leadership skills that we will provide to our new team in our current venture.
John Fraser doing an Income and success Testimonial at Tom Owens – a Legalshield Executive Director, training event in Oklahoma.  
John Fraser doing an activity training at our prior company Legalshield on what effort you have to put into a MLM or Network Marketing business to make money and succeed.   The principles shown here apply to all MLM’s, in terms of the activity and work required to build an organization.    I would not build a business with Legalshield today based today.  Contact us if you’d like to know why.  We do believe in the MLM and Network Marketing model and the principles of Leverage that you just cant get anywhere else.  You just have to be positioned with a good company and leadership to succeed.  Come work with us today in our new venture.  
EVEN THOUGH EMPOWER NETWORK IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS….  I loved this video and our interaction together.  This is a great video to get to know us: John & Kelly Fraser more.  The entire time since October 2012,  John has stayed MLM Neutral meaning, he has never joined another company, or tried to recruit anyone from his team, or his downline into another deal.  LS has a 2 year non compete, which he honored, and went way beyond that.  We look forward to working with you in the future if you chose to join our team.