John Frasers Favorite Classic Positive Mental Attitude Training Audios to Grow your MLM or Network Marketing Business

These are some of my favorite classic training tapes, from VARIOUS Businesses (that I digitized) that helped me learn how to contact people, grow my prospect list, how to overcome objections, how to start conversations with people, and how to deal with the negative of people saying no, joining and quitting, even when I had a slump in my business. I hope these help you in your journey.  Please NOTE the techniques that are used in these (tapes) STILL WORK today.  When you can overcome your fears of talking to people, and you can continually add more people to your prospect list, your business will CONTINUE to GROW.  Master these techniques, and dont forget to leverage 3 way calls with your GROWING upline. These audios are no longer available except in a rare exception on ebay, on old deteriorated audio cassettes.  This page is an effort to ARCHIVE these Classic Trainings for as long as possible.  These audios are NO longer available in a commercial capacity anywhere and I archived these over 15 years ago.  —  John Fraser – MLM Top 1% Earner in Network Marketing (MLM – Multi Level Marketing).

What to say when You talk to someone: F.O.R.M

(Motivational) Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink - Dave Severn (mid 80's)