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After being with a MLM company LegalShield for over 14 yrs and having that business taken from us we had a bad taste in our mouths for the MLM industry.  Even though we had been highly successful and knew it worked from experience we walked away from it in October of 2012 until October of 2018.  It was a huge struggle those 6 yrs emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and relationship wise!!!!  We were on food stamps for a time while we built back up Kelly’s restaurant upholstery business and went through the healing process.  During this time John’s values change as he moved away from the idea of always “having more” to the idea of being more “self sufficient” and creating a healthy, happy lifestyle.

We sold almost everything but the essentials and moved out of the city to a beautiful 30 acre homestead in the middle of the Ozarks!  We decided health and joy were the most important things in our lives.  Our goal is to grow our own organic, non-gmo foods and raise free range poultry and water buffalo as our food sources.  The dream has been developing since June of 2016!  You can see our progress here

Now for the new direction and new adventure!  We have truly missed building a dynamic team and working with a like minded community and Kelly has never given up on finding a company that shares our values and somewhere John could use his magical skills he’s honed over 20+ years in the MLM industry.  We’re excited to say we have found just that company and have jumped back in with both feet and our hearts to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’!  If you have an interest in being part of the change and would like to create health in your physical and financial lives please click here for more information and come join our team!

Here’s to creating a magical life!!!

John Fraser, Entrepreneur

After being fired or leaving 40 jobs in my life, and a dozen businesses, most that failed and a few that did really well …   I figured out  that entrepreneurs really have a hard time working for other people.  After meeting Kelly she convinced me to NEVER look for a job again and simply create what I wanted in life!  She asked me to identify what my strengths were and focus on those after my LegalShield  business of 14 years was terminated without cause.  I used my expertise in marketing to help get Kelly’s restaurant upholstery business back up and running so we could eat.   In between doing upholstery, there was time to bring on clients who needed websites built and hosted, so I started to accommodate this need.  At about the same time I had an opportunity to become a Street View Trusted Photographer who does the 360º Virtual Tours for the inside of businesses.  I knew we would eventually follow our dreams to become off grid homesteaders and I wanted to create ways to earn a living from our home.

Finally realizing our goal of living on an off grid, 30 acre homestead in the middle of the beautiful Ozarks in June of 2016.  We are in the middle of building that dream of growing our own organic food, free range poultry, soon to add water buffalo etc.  We have our spring for water and are set up with solar for electricity.  I have always loved taking things apart and fixing them and coming up with innovative ways of doing things and after moving to the country i figured out that that skill set fits perfectly into the homesteading way of life!  Who knew i was a techno-nerd farmer all these years!  Lol.    We live in a place that is like being on vacation everyday of our lives!!!  To follow our off grid homesteading adventures take a look at our YouTube channel.

Our lives are taking on a new direction as of October 1st, 2018!!!  Kelly has found a company she is very excited about, that fits our values like a glove and even though I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth over the last 6 yrs … I wholeheartedly agree with her and we’ve decided to jump into this new adventure with both feet!  We’ve missed building a dynamic team and being part of a forward looking, inspirational community of people!  If you are interested in getting more information or would love to be a part of this dynamic team just  click here

Kelly Fraser, Entrepreneur

I came from an entrepreneurial family which lead me down the path of owning my own businesses beginning with a Liquor Store and Car Wash at age 21.  After selling those businesses, I worked as a Dental Office Manager while raising 2 boys and dreaming of opening a bookstore.  The bookstore “Beyond Your Dreams” was opened in 1995 and closed in 1997 after deciding raising a then 3 yr old and 11 yr old and being away from home from 10 AM to 10 PM 6 days a week, TRAPPED behind 4 walls, wasn’t the life I wanted.   So I took a break and stayed home, homeschooling the boys for the next 11 yrs.  During this time, in 2000, I took an upholstery class which I loved!  After my class I began building and selling custom leather and  hair-on cowhide furniture, which lead to me being offered the opportunity to take over a restaurant upholstery business in 2003.  While still operating the upholstery business I became an Associate with LegalShield in 2009.


I met John in 2009 as part of LegalShield.  We were friends for a year, began dating in 2010 and got married in Santa Fe on 11-11-11 at our friend’s mountain home!  Since John’s LegalShield business was much more successful than mine, we began building his business and were on the verge of advancing to the next level, where we would be making over a $$$ 6 figure income $$$ … while only working less than Half of each Month!  We thought we were on our way to living our DREAM LIFE  …  when John’s LegalShield business was abruptly terminated without notice or without cause on October 2, 2012!  Happy 1 year Anniversary … NOT!

The termination not only caused MONUMENTAL Financial Problems, it WREAKED HAVOC on our personal relationship too.  John was angry, depressed and hopeless to say the least!  Pretty much a #1 Asshole!  During this time we built back up my upholstery business while I tried out other network marketing companies our friends had become involved with, while John was nothing but negative about network marketing businesses as a whole, and didn’t participate with me in any new ventures I was interested in.

During this time John’s values began shifting to be more aligned with mine!  Yippee!!!  So that is how we came to be off grid homesteaders in the middle of the Ozarks on 30 acres in June of 2016!  What a journey we’ve been on.  You can take a look at our journey on our Youtube channel

Come along and follow our adventures.  I’ve finally found the right company that shares our values for us to use John’s amazing skills and he has agreed wholeheartedly to create a whole new dynamic team after 6yrs of a break from the industry!!!  I am so ready to ‘be the change I’d like to see in the world’ and i feel this company offers that in our physical health and financial health which will ultimately spread to mental, emotional and spiritual health with a very special group of like minded people!

Come work with us and create a magickal life!!!!

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